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Welcome to the Buchanan County Treasurer's Iowa Tax and Tags website!  The Buchanan County website is currently down.

We are here to serve you as efficiently as possible while providing you an enjoyable experience in our office.

It is our goal to be able to help you the first time you enter our office.  If you have ANY questions regarding title work please contact us via telephone at 319-334-2005 or via email at

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Tips for transferring an Iowa Title:

Be sure that:

  • the correct signatures are in place
    • If signing as a business - sign the business name by (person's name), (person's title)
  • the date is correct and clearly written without being written over or altered
  • that the odometer is correct and clearly written without being written over or any alterations & mark whether or not is actual mileage
    • We only need the mileage if it is 2005 or newer
  • Be sure to answer the damage disclosure questions correctly
    • We only need these answered if it is 2007 or newer
  • We only need a bill of sale for out of state transfers unless, however we will need to know the purchase price
  • Complete an Iowa Application for title
    • This may be done in our office
    • All owners will need to sign the application for title- so if one is not available to come into the office you can complete this prior to coming into the office

 Tips for transferring an out of state title:

  • The out of state title filled out with correct information (including dates, signatures, odometer…etc)
  • A complete Bill of Sale that includes the buyer & sellers signature, make, year, model, VIN, and purchase price
  • If the vehicle is 2007 or newer we may need an Iowa Damage Disclosure Statement
  • An Iowa Application for title
  • If a lien needs to be attached please have the lien holder's name, address, and FEIN number

 How do I get a duplicate title?

  • You will need to complete an application for duplicate title.
  • All owners on the title (even if it says OR between  the names) need to sign the application for duplicate title
  • The duplicate title fee is $25.00
  • There is a 5 day waiting period for us to print the duplicate title (unless you've surrendered a title due to an error on the title- then you will receive the title the same day)

Property Tax Due Dates:

The first half is due by September 30th.  Penalty would begin October 1st.  If September 30th falls on a weekend you will have the following Monday to pay without penalty.    The second half is due by March 31st. Penalty would begin April 1st.  If March 31st falls on a weekend you will have the following Monday to pay without penalty.

Driver's License Tips:

If you are renewing a driver's license, upgrading from a permit, or making any changes to your driver's license we will need you to bring in your current driver's license or permit.

Visit the following DOT sites for help with:

How to transfer your out of state driver's license to an Iowa Driver's License

More Information about Real ID

Renew your Iowa Driver's License online

Take an online Practice Test for the Instruction Permit







Amy Wright

Amy Wright

Took office on 2/11/2013


Buchanan County Treasurer's Office
210 5th Ave NE
PO Box 319
Independence, IA 50644

The courthouse is located on Hwy 150 North- Just North of Kwik Star.


Driver's Licnese Hours:

Monday - Friday        8:00AM - 4:00PM

Daily Testing Hours   8:00AM- 3:30PM

Drive Tests are scheduled by appointment only.


Taxes, Titles, and Registration

Monday - Friday        8:00AM - 4:30PM


Our office will be closed at Noon on December 31st and June 30th; If this falls on a weekend we will be closed the prior Friday.  This closure is for balancing end of the year books.

Contact Info


Tax Department: 319-334-4340
Motor Vehicle Department: 319-334-2005
Driver's License Department: 319-334-7456


Fax: 319-334-7454



Office Staff

Tax Deputy - Barbara
Motor Vehicle Deputy - Tammy
Driver License Deputy - Diana
Driver License Clerk - Amber
Clerk - Steven
Clerk - Michelle

Email Questions, Concerns or Comments to Amy Wright at:


Our office will be closed on the Following Holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Presidents' Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veteran's Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Our office will close at Noon on the Following Holidays:

  • Good Friday
  • Christmas Eve