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For added convenience, Buchanan, Clayton, Dickinson, Iowa, Linn, Montgomery, Polk and Pottawattamie counties accept Dwolla as a payment option for online payment transactions. Dwolla is a powerful payments platform that securely connects U.S. bank and credit union accounts to enable the transfer of money for any individual or organization in the U.S.  Simply open a free Dwolla account, connect your bank or credit union account, and enjoy a low convenience fee with IowaTaxAndTags.

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Please Note: Before you can make a payment through Dwolla, you will need to sign up for a FREE Dwolla account and connect a U.S. bank or credit union account.  This can be done from your phone, computer, or tablet as long as it has access to the internet - simply visit dwolla.com/register.

Dwolla provides a low-cost payment option

By paying with Dwolla, you can enjoy a low convenience fee with ITAT.  It's also quicker and more convenient than mailing a paper check.  It's the smart option for paying on IowaTaxAndTags.gov.

How to make tax payments online with IowaTaxAndTags.gov

By selecting Dwolla at checkout, you will be prompted to sign in to your Dwolla account and authorize a payment from your linked bank or credit union account or current Dwolla balance.

How to pay taxes with Dwolla's free iOS or Android mobile apps

For tax payments, you're invited to pay from your phone.  Simply download Dwolla's free iOS or Android application, sign into your Dwolla account and pay at your county treasurer's office from your linked bank or credit union account or current Dwolla balance. You can submit payment by logging into the app, searching for the office by entering in the treasurer's Dwolla ID, entering the amount, and authorizing the transaction. The treasurer's office will then confirm the payment was completed.

Need help with anything Dwolla related? Visit help.dwolla.com for troubleshooting, or contact Dwolla's friendly support team at support@dwolla.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dwolla?

Dwolla is a powerful payments platform that securely connects to bank or credit union accounts to enable the transfer of money for any individual or organization in the U.S. - or in this case, to allow you to pay your property tax and vehicle registration taxes with IowaTaxAndTags.gov.

Learn more about Dwolla.

What is the cost of paying with Dwolla?

Paying with Dwolla allows the 11 member counties to offer a payment option costing $0.30 or $0.40 (depending on county) per transaction, far less than a stamp.

How does Dwolla protect customer data?

Dwolla keeps customer data safe through secure servers and a world-class cloud environment.  Dwolla's servers are encrypted with 128-bit or greater encryption controlled by Transport Layer Security (TLS), and sits behind firewall and intrusion protection.  Dwolla's cloud service offers a highly secured environment with a dedicated security team.  You also have the option of enabling two-factor authentication to further safeguard your information.  Learn more about Dwolla's security practices.

What will I need to register?

  • General information about yourself
  • Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
  • Information to connect a checking or savings account

Where else can I use Dwolla?

You can use Dwolla to exchange money with other people, businesses, and non-profits that accept Dwolla or have Dwolla accounts.  A few examples:

  • Split the rent with your roommate or pay your babysitter straight from your smartphone
  • Attach an invoice and collect money from your clients as a freelancer
  • Send rent to your landlord

How do I connect a bank account?

  1. From the Funding Source page, click on "Connect an account".
  2. Next, search for your bank or choose it from the list.  If your bank doesn't turn up in the search results, simply click the "add any bank" button and provide your routing and account numbers.
  3. Choose a verification method: Instant Account Verification (which uses the same login credentials you use on your bank's website, and verifies that you own the account within seconds) or Micro-deposit Verification (which uses your routing and account numbers, and can take up to 3 days).
  • Option 1 - For Instant Account Verification, you'll be prompted to enter your online banking credentials.  The banking information you entered is not stored by Dwolla.  If you have multiple accounts with the same bank, you'll be asked to choose one.  After that, your bank account will be successfully connected with Dwolla so you can easily transfer money in and out of the Dwolla network.
  • Option 2 - If you select Micro-deposit Verification, Dwolla will make two small deposits between $0.01 and $0.20 into the bank account you provided.  Keep an eye out for these deposits - they typically show up within 1-3 business days - and note the specific amounts.  Then, return to Funding Sources and click "Verify" next to your bank.  Enter the amounts of the two deposits you received from DWOLLA in your bank account (e.g., $0.03 and $0.12).  After you enter the two amounts correctly, your bank account will be successfully connected with Dwolla!