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Portfolio Tax Service

What is it?

  • An easy way to pay property taxes for properties in Buchanan, Dickinson, Floyd, Iowa, Johnson, Linn, Montgomery, Polk, and Poweshiek Counties.
  • ACH tax payments are completed online in seconds with the simple click of a mouse
  • One ACH payment can be made for all properties, or payments can be made on a county-by-county basis.
  • This service is delivered through a secured website, accessible with a username and password and provides online access to tax information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who uses it?

  • Businesses and Property Management companies that pay property taxes
  • Banks and Credit Unions that pay escrowed taxes

How does it work?

  • Create a personal portfolio of properties
  • Make one electronic payment to cover all taxes due for your portfolio
  • Pay up to the last day of the collection cycle with ease
  • Maintain the list by adding or deleting properties to keep the information current. Lists can be searched a number of ways. Tax information can be downloaded onto your desktop for additional reference
  • Create an ACH payment through the website for the properties in your portfolio


There is a small service fee when tax items are paid. This cost is automatically added to the ACH transaction in addition to the tax payments.

This service is provided for Polk, Linn, Johnson, Floyd, Montgomery, Poweshiek, Buchanan, Dickinson and Iowa counties. Pricing for this service is set by these County Treasurers.

Service Agreement

To use the service, contact the Help Center by email to create an account then simply login, agree to the Terms and Conditions and begin creating your list(s) with


Additional information please contact:

Help Center