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Calculate Your Transfer Fee/Credit

Click the following link to determine registration fees, registration fees remaining on a vehicle that has been sold, traded or junked, estimate fees due on a newly acquired vehicle, and calculate truck fees by tonnage:

Calculate Your Transfer Fee/Credit

NOTE: The Iowa DOT fee calculator is NOT compatible with Mobile Devices (smart phones).  


  • At the top of the page is the menu
  • Click on "Tools" then "Dealer Inquiry" 

There are five options to choose from:

  1. Credit Calculator (determines registration fees remaining)
  2. Fee Estimator (determines registration fees)
  3. Truck Rate Calculator (determines registration fees)
  4. Vehicle Inquiry (determines current registration status)
  5. Weight and List Price Calculator (determines truck fees by tonnage)

Credit Calculator (Back to Top)

This feature is used to determine if there is credit available to use on a transfer of a newly acquired vehicle or to determine if a refund can be applied for on the unused portion of the registration fees if the vehicle has been sold, traded or junked.

Sale Date

The date the vehicle was sold. (mm/dd/yyyy)

Registration End Date

The date the vehicle was registered to you. (mm/dd/yyyy)

Annual Registration Fee

The registration fee that was paid for the last registration year.

Press Calculate.

Results of the Credit Calculator:

Fee Estimator (Back to Top)

This feature will estimate fees due for a newly acquired vehicle. You can calculate registration, title, security interest recording fees, and fee for New Registration Amount.


Vehicle Identification Number of the vehicle purchased. (Must be 17 digits).

Purchase Date:  

The date the vehicle was purchased. (mm/dd/yyyy)

Registration Expiration

The month/year the registration will expire for the buyer.

Security Interest Holders

Pick the number of liens that will be recorded on the title. The max is 3.

Plate type:

Select the type of plate for the purchased vehicle.  County Std is the most common.


If the vehicle is a truck select the tonnage that is needed.  The lowest tonnage is 3 tons.

Net Purchase Amount: 

Key in net purchased price of vehicle.

Registration Credit amount:

It a vehicle was traded, sold or junked there may be registration credit.  Key in the dollar amount of credit from the vehicle that was traded, sold or junked.  The credit must be at least $10.

Additional Fees: 




Currently in dealer inventory: 

For dealer use only.

 Press Calculate.

Results of the Fee Estimate:

Truck Rate Calculator (Back to Top)

This feature is used to determine registration fee by tonnage.


Key in the tonnage that is needed for the vehicle.  3 tons is the lowest tonnage that is available.

Model Year

Key in the year of vehicle.

Press Calculate.

Results for the Truck Rate Calculator:

 Vehicle Inquiry (Back to Top)

This feature is used to determine the current registration status of a particular vehicle.

Vehicle Identification #

If you know the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of the vehicle, key in VIN (must be 17 digits)

Identification Type

Select the Identification Type for the vehicle.

Press Search


Weight and List Price Calculator (Back to Top)

This feature is used to determine registration fees by vehicle identification number or by selecting make, year, and model.


If you know the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of the vehicle, key in VIN (must be 17 digits)

 Press Calculate.

If you know the Year, Make and Model, key in Year, Make and Model from the list displayed and press calculate.

Results page for Weight and List Price Calculator:

Click the '+' to expand the result data: